Software Development Environment

Race Marshal is developed with all free Open Source development tools.  The only exception is that AVR C is not Open Source, but the code developed in AVR C for Race Marshal compoents is Open Source.

Software Components

The Race Marshal system is made up of the following software layers/components:

  • Cut Judge Daemon - Python Service
  • Race Marshal Daemon - Python Service
  • Race Marshal Web - PHP web pages and PHP-based RESTFul web services
  • Central Database - MySql/Maria DB
  • Display Panels - Atmel-based AVR C
  • Race Anouncer - Arduino C++

Development Tools:

  • Python:¬†Eclipse with the Pydev plugin
  • PHP: Eclipse PHP Explorer
  • MySql/Maria DB: MySql Workbench
  • AVR C: AVR Studio
  • Arduino: Arduino Studio