Hardware Details - Cut Boxes

Parts List:

  • Alumimum Project Box
  • 4 3-way stick toggle switches (heavy duty)
  • 2 3mm Leds (Yellow and Green)
  • Resistors (todo: fill in details)
  • Rasberry PI
  • DC/DC Power Regulator 5v (RC 5v UBEC since they are cheap)
  • DC Power Filter: Reduces regulator switching ripple as the PI is very power quality sensitive
    • Todo: add parts list
  • USB 802.11 whip antenna
  • 2 Cell 3300mah LiPo battery
  • Female 1.5mm pitch headers (IDC type or other to mate with the Raspberry PI IO pins.  I actually use female servo connectors here as I had a lot of them.  Though, I use IDC and ribbon in the main scoreboard).


Both Cut Boxes:

Each of the 4 lanes is labelled:

3-Position Switches indicate cut state (0=No Cuts, 1=1 Cut, 2=Two Cuts)


Schematics and Files: