AeroTracker In-vehicle Tags

AeroTracker is built around the concept that that a tag is installed in the flight vehicle by connecting to the existing ESC/BEC as a powersource.  Total power draw is less than 25mah, so this additional power load will not impact the RC craft in any significant way.  Also, the tag weighs less than 5 grams, which means that weight will not impact CG (center of gravity) appreciably either.

The in-vehicle tags send out a "ping", which contains the unique identifier of the vihicle and information used to determine how far away the tag and sensors are from each other.  These pings are read from a mesh of sensors located on the flight field, each sensor being located at known locations and distances.  This ping information is grouped and used to "trilaterate" the location of the vechnical in 3D space.  Esentially, AeroTracker works on the exact same principals as a GPS.  The only difference is the output is "local", not "global".