Parts List

AeroTracker is setup via all off-the-shelf parts.  Here is the Bill Of Materials:

Part Qty Pirce (unit) Description Link
Raspberry PI 3 2 $50 Recommend the CanaKit Package.  Though, the power supply is not used in the field build. 1 PI is needed as a central serer and 1 PI is needed per pole.  The case for the PI should be plastic since wifi is being used.  Also, I feel the CanaKit case offer the best protection and ventilation.
MicroSD 2 $8 Class 10 or better (30 mb/sec)+ 16gb micro sd card.  I strongly recommend the card at the link because this is known to be compatible.
USB Wifi Adapter 2 $13 External USB wireless network adapter.  Recommend the TP-Link Wireless N150 USB Network Adapter N150 as this adapter is known to work well.
4 port USB 3 Hub 1 $7 USB hub in a quad arrangement for trip safety
32 ft USB Extension Cable 3 $14 32 ft USB 2.x or better active usb extension cable.
16 ft USB Extension Cable 1 $12 16 ft USB 2.x or better active usb extension cable.
Class 1 Bluetooth 4.x dongle 4 $13 Bluetooth Class 1 USB receiver for use as a sensor.
5 volt UBEC 2 $7 Filter UBEC cable of a sustained 2.5 amp or better at a constant 5 volts.  Must be exactly 5 volts, clean, ripple free, and 2amp sustained.
4 Cell 2200 or better Lipo 2 $? Any 4 Cell Lipo of 2200 or greater mah. (I use old EF-1 batteries)
micro USB Type B connector 2 $20 Micro USB type B power connector plug.  (Joel has theses pre-soldered for testers).
Female to Female servo wire 1 $4 6in servo extension wire with a female to female connection.  Needed for in-plane sensor. Crimp to make or purchase pre-made.
Bluefruit LE UART serial bluetooth module. 1 $17.50 Adafruit assembled bluetooth device with a Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 bluetooth module in an ARM Coretex M0 core.  The modules must be firmware flashed and programmed per specification. You may purchase the device from Adafruit and then flash and program it yourself or obtain them from the AeroTracker team.