AeroMeasure is the hand-held units which reads AeroTracker (new 915mhz) tags.  Currently, this device is used for testing purposes only.  Though, later, the role of this device may be expanded.

This display screen measures distance, ping rate per second (hertz), and rssi.  



AeroTracker is a development project with the goal of tracking model aircraft in flight.  The project team is made up of model aircraft enthusiast volunteering personal time towards the project with the aim of helping to further RC aircraft racing.  As of right now all we can commit to is that a project effort is underway, but no specifications or timelines are fixed yet.  With that said, there is a goal of active race testing in 2018.

Race Marshal

Race Marshal is a an Open Source (GPLv3) system designed for use in running and scoring races.  This system has been designed primary around the needs of RC airplane pylon racing.  Though, it can be adapted and extended for use in various other types of racing.  

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